Bookcase, brown walnut effect, 40x28x202 cm (15 3/4x11x79 1/2 ")

Bookcase, brown walnut effect, 40x28x202 cm (15 3/4x11x79 1/2 ")

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a versatile bookcase that works just as good as a storage unit and is suitable to use in many different ways at home.

The shallow and adjustable shelves help you customise and allow you to use it as you like – for storing everyday items, memorabilia or other things you collect.​

its has a simple and timeless design that is easy to personalise by adding boxes, lighting and your favourite items. 

Make it even more personal by adding a door, allowing you to both hide and display things. In this way your BILLY can get new functions and a new look as your style and living situation changes.

A single unit can be enough storage for a limited space – but you can add more bookcases, extension units and shelves to create a larger storage solution if your needs change.

The wooden expression with a tactile wood texture brings a warm and natural feel into your home and adds a beautiful and vibrant look to the room.

The back panel fixes in place with snap fittings – making BILLY easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can bring it when moving instead of buying a new one.

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