Glue Stick: 5 Pieces

Glue Stick: 5 Pieces

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Glue Sticks can be used for various everyday projects, and can also be used in electronics projects for various applications. These glue sticks can be used in all hot melt Glue Guns that have a working temperature around 200°C and accept sticks with 11 mm diameters. Use this product to repair holes in window screens, reattach the float for a tank after its mount corroded away, repair broken tail light covers on cars, reattach trim on cars etc.

- Material : Plastic
- Colour : Translucent
- Diameter : 190mm
- length : 11mm

How to Use
- Plug-in gun,load the glue sticks into the back of the gun.
- Press the trigger several times until the glue stick is firmly set into the inlet tube.
- Allow the glue gun to warm up for approx. 5 minutes (depends on the Glue Gun)
- Squeeze trigger until glue flows from nozzle

Pack Contents
Glue Sticks : 5 Pieces

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